Ptolus - Saving Throw Atlanta

The Adventure Begins

Initial Party – Brian, Karah, Soveliss and Tadric.
- Adventurers gathered at the Ghostly Minstrel for R&R
- Group of Pale Dogs attempt ill conceived mugging of tap room.
- Half of party puts up a fight (Karah and Soveliss) while other half sits back and observes.
- Just as party seems to be gaining the upper hand the city watch arrives.
- One of the assailants throws a knockout gas grenade.

- Adventurers wake up in underground prison cell.
- A barmaid (Ella)and a city watchman (Smythe) have been abducted as well.
- Tadric manages to break open the door to the cell.
- All of them escape out of their cell and into the sewers. (No contact with captors.)
- To escape a tide of on rushing water the party leaps from a sewer outlet into the bay.
- Group picked up by a nearby fisherman and dropped off at the docks.
- Group heads back to Ghostly Minstrel. Ela leaves while still in the docks. Smythe heads back to watch house to file his report

- The grateful bar keep back at the Ghostly Minstrel gives the party free rooms for a month as a token of his gratitude.
- Party resolves to go hunt ratmen after seeing church proclamation detailing the bounty on them.
- While en route to a sewer entrance rumored to be ratmen infested, the group stumbles across a mugging.
- Group intervenes and saves a young woman. (Phon Quartermain)
- Group finds note indicating that thugs were hired to kill Phon.
- Group is offered 80 gold spell casting credit a piece at St Gustav’s in exchange for investigating this failed assassination.
- Group does investigation and gets several leads.
- Group investigates lead at red warehouse.
- Group defeats NPCs at this location.
- Group returns to Ghostly Minstrel.



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